5 Ways The Mobile Web Has Enhanced Print Advertising Forever

Print advertising with mobile website

  1. The concept of ‘Print to Palm’

The intent of promotional print has changed with the evolution of mobile. The new role of print is as a ‘call to action’ that leads mobile consumers directly to digital interaction. Not only that, the mobile experience delivered from print should specifically augment what is offered on paper. Just slapping a QR code in the corner of a print ad and linking it to generic content is not enough. The new idea is to deliver consumers instantly from ‘Print to Palm’ by seamlessly connecting the entire experience as one. The message that is translated on print should automatically extend to the mobile device where there is a clear objective waiting.

  1. ROI and Behavior Metrics

Up until the emergence of mobile, it was very difficult to track ROI from a print advertising campaign. ‘Print to Palm’ advertisers have become familiar with the power of mobile in measuring both ROI and consumer behavior. By connecting the mobile web to print, tracking traffic and transactions is easy and gives marketers much more data to measure the effectiveness of print. Compelling print campaigns are now measuring consumer behavior performance with mobile engagement metrics and has become an important ingredient to advertising success.


  1. CRM Data Collector

Print media with gateways to mobile engagement is becoming a powerful vehicle for capturing data from consumers on the go. Attaching a signup form for mobile coupons and offers often gives consumers an instant reason to provide information in exchange for a deal. Collecting digital data from mobile consumers directly from print is an exciting new concept for advertisers. The structuring of future print campaigns can become more and more effective with targeted consumer data.

  1. Mobile Commerce Initiator

Print advertising is now a gateway to make mobile purchases. Offering mobile consumers a way to make purchases directly from their mobile device that was triggered by a piece of print advertising is a completely new way to promote commerce transactions. Mobile commerce is a buzz term these days, but often overlooked is the role that print advertising can play in initiating the buying process.


  1. Social lubricator

Mobile and social are already a great match, paving the way for new kinds of consumer interaction. So the idea of collecting new followers directly from print advertising using the mobile device seems natural. Print advertising is ripe for a new role as a social lubricant that encourages audiences to follow along on popular social networks. Now we can directly attribute new social followers to a specific print ad. Connecting print with the mobile social web is something that savvy brands are already embracing.


Ubiquitous mobile connectivity is bringing many changes to traditional print advertising media. There are new ways to do old things. Successful print is already benefiting greatly from the mobile web, but the potential for even greater success is undoubtedly promising.

It is now the job of professional marketers to seize this unique “deeper engagement opportunity” from print and create innovative new ways to connect digital mobile content with their print advertising. A print experience that provides exponentially more value to mobile consumers will be driving model for all future print applications.

So, the next time you hear “print is dead,” remember that this statement only refers to print of the past.


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