TracFone is Using Tappinn Mobile Websites With Success!

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TracFone Launches Mobile Websites with QR Codes and SMS on Tappinn


Tracfone is America’s #1 prepaid wireless mobile provider with over 19 million subscribers, that’s more than any other prepaid service. Teamed with Tappinn, TracFone affiliated brands have launched a multifaceted mobile campaign intended to inform customers about their unique services. The mobile websites for the different products were all designed and developed using the mobile website builder inside

Straight Talk is a service provided by Tracfone offered exclusively at Walmart. Customers inside the store can interact with Straight Talk packaging with their mobile device to learn more about the service or apply for a coupon offer. 

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TracFone is seeing big results from the campaign so far, already totaling over than 1 million unique mobile visits to date!

The strategy involved integrating targeted mobile web content into TracFone’s existing product packaging and using several print advertising gateways. By doing this, each product package is connected with a specific mobile website highlighting the features and coupon offers for that product, helping customers use the mobile web as an immediate resource to learn more about Tracfone products.

Unique QR codes and SMS keywords were printed on the packaging, and a mobile re-direct was applied  leading to specific mobile content and coupon offers for the product inside. These separate gateways allow customers to interact on their mobile device for more information about TracFone products. This also lets TracFone separate analytics for QR codes and SMS keywords using the Tappinn analytics suite.

TracFone mobile websites on tappinn


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